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William Shatner holds Facebook accountable for advertisement falsely announcing his death

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Mar 21, 2018, 8:38 PM EDT (Updated)

Though the great Captain James T. Kirk died while "making a difference" in Star Trek: Generations, William Shatner is very much alive, no matter what Facebook might say about it.

The actor behind Captain Kirk (and prolific tweeter) received a heads-up tweet from a fan this morning, with a screenshot from the Facebook Messenger App that announced the actor's passing. The false news came in the form of a sponsored ad from something called "Avocet Retail Sales." The fan tweeted the information to Shatner, writing, "I thought you might want to know you're dead."

The very-much-ALIVE Shatner quoted the tweet, and called out Facebook for sponsoring such a horrendous message, tweeting, "Hey facebook isn't this your messenger app? What's up with you allowing this Acocet Retail Sales ad to pass your muster? Thought you were doing something about this?"

Making everything even worse? The veteran actor will celebrate his 87th birthday tomorrow. False reportingĀ of his death isn't something that Shatner would likely have on his birthday wish list.

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