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William Shatner joins Mark Hamill in advocating a Hollywood star for Carrie Fisher

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Aug 14, 2018, 4:57 PM EDT

Last week, Mark Hamill tweeted out that the Hollywood Walk of Fame star previously occupied by Donald Trump should be replaced by one honoring Hamill’s Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher, after the City of West Hollywood’s city council passed a resolution seeking the removal of the president's star from the walkway. Now, William Shatner has joined in on the social media call to give Fisher her Hollywood star due — regardless of the practical obstacles involved.

Tweeting in support of Fisher, Star Trek actor Shatner dropped a series of posts advocating for the actress to get a star near him or her mother, Debbie Reynolds.

Check them out:

Before anyone starts raising money, however, Shatner raises one of many concerns. First off is what Fisher’s family thinks of the whole situation. Second, and something that neither Shatner nor Hamill have considered, is the mandatory five-year waiting period before anyone can nominate the actress for a star.

As soon as that time has passed, then the machinery can be set into motion to honor the Princess Leia actress with a piece of real estate on the Walk of Fame. Until then, no amount of celebrity attention will change things — only remind fans that actors have the same respect and adoration for other actors as audiences do.