William Shatner on whether he'll appear on Star Trek: Discovery

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Sep 13, 2017

The wait is almost over. After a painful 12-year absence from the small screen, Star Trek will finally return to TV at the end of this month with CBS All AccessStar Trek: Discovery.

Set a decade before the events of The Original Series, Discovery will introduce fans to a slew of new Trek characters to either root for, or against; as well as some familiar faces in the form of Spock’s dad Sarek (James Frain), and Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson).

Star Trek: TOS actor William Shatner has been speaking to Trek Movie about the possibilities of making an appearance on the new series (Shatner’s name always pops up when there’s a new Star Trek project in the works), saying:

“Well it would depend on what the participation was. I wouldn’t want to do something that was a throwaway sort of gratuitous place in the plotline. They would really have to exercise their imaginations to have a fifty years older captain in there – if it was the character. They would have to do something remarkable.”

Time travel, alternate timelines and parallel universes (as in the Mirror Universe) have been elements of Star Trek since the show's early days, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a way to explain the presence of an older Kirk on the sci-fi series.

Then, there’s also another way The Shat could beam aboard Discovery.

When the interviewer pointed out that Kirk would logically be younger in the new Star Trek series than on TOS, Shatner said: “So, then I got to play my father.” Hmm, that might could work? What do you think?

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on Sept. 24.

(via Trek Movie)

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