This is William Shatner's idea for a Star Trek 50th anniversary special

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Apr 6, 2015, 8:22 PM EDT (Updated)

Star Trek will celebrate its big whopping 50th anniversary next year, and as of right now, we don’t know if there'll be any specials that'll hit the small screen (where Star Trek actually truly belongs, IMO). But fear not, because the original Capt. Kirk, William Shatner, has an intriguing idea for a special.

Speaking at Fan Expo Vancouver this weekend, The Shat talked about his idea to have a special that will focus on the themes of the show, rather than the mythology. Apparently Shatner (who's made quite a few salient documentaries on Star Trek over the past few years) made a pitch to Syfy [Syfy is Blastr’s corporate parent - Ed.], but has yet to hear back from them. "The 50th anniversary show would be about the ideas that Star Trek dramatized," Shatner explained to the audience.

He then talked about not only Kirk's interracial kiss with Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) on Star Trek: The Original Series, but also about "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," a season-three episode that guest-starred Frank Gorshin (who played the Riddler on the 1960s Batman series) and featured an alien race whose faces were half black, half white. The episode (and the series as a whole) was truly groundbreaking in that it tackled issues of racism head-on -- which was practically unheard of at the time -- by depicting the deadly racial tensions that arose depending on which sides of the denizens of Cheron's faces the black and white halves were. This leads him to an idea for how a Trek 50th-anniversary special could tie into some of the hot-button political topics of our time. Check out the video:

What do you think about William Shatner’s idea for a Star Trek 50th-anniversary special?

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