William Gibson's unfilmed Alien 3 script now a videogame

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

Well, sorta. The producers behind the new Aliens: Infestation Nintendo DS game have incorporated some elements of the science-fiction trailblazer's discarded early draft.

According to the always trustworthy Wikipedia, Gibson—the first in a long line of Alien 3 writers that included Near Dark's Eric Red and Pitch Black's David Twohy—delivered a script that picked up after the events of Aliens:

As the Sulaco drifts into an area of space claimed by the "Union of Progressive People", due to a navigational error. The ship is boarded by people from the U.P.P, who are attacked by a facehugger, hiding in the entrails of Bishop's mangled body. The soldiers blast the facehugger into space and take Bishop with them for further study. The Sulaco then arrives at Anchorpoint, which is a Company run space station/mall. A fire on the ship caused by remaining Aliens puts Ripley into a coma and Hicks is left to investigate if the rumors are true that Weyland-Yutani are developing alien warriors (which they are). The U.P.P. is also doing their own research, due to custody of Bishop. After they have finished with Bishop, they repair him (albeit with cheap parts) and return him to Anchorpoint in a show of good will. Eventually Anchorpoint and the U.P.P stations are overrun with the parasite and Hicks must team up with the survivors to destroy the aliens.

Some snooping by the guys at Nintendo Power magazine has yielded the fact that Aliens: Infestation borrows the U.P.P. bad guy structure, so that players get some humans to kill before the Aliens themselves show up. And the game eschews familiar friendlies like Ripley and Hicks in favor of an entirely new cast of characters.

Now, while this is all well and good—and bully for the game designers who went back to the cutting-room floor for inspiration—I'm gonna wait for the Aliens: Colonial Marines first-person shooter when it drops next spring.

(Via Bleeding Cool)