Win the Defiance game ... and a big-ass TV to play it on!

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Jul 1, 2013, 8:49 PM EDT (Updated)

The whole game/show crossover thing was a pretty big deal in the first season of Defiance, but the good news for gamers is that adventuring in post-apocalyptic America was a pretty cool experience on its own, from an MMO perspective. Now console jockeys who've been waiting to dip their toes into the game world have a chance to do it in style, thanks to the Ultimate Defiance Sweepstakes from Syfy.

Grand prize winners get a fancy new current-gen gaming console, a copy of the game and season pass to it, a free Xbox Live or PSN membership, an iTunes season pass and, most impressively, a big, honking Samsung 50" LED HDTV on which to soak it all in. Not a bad haul for any aspiring ark hunter.

The deadline for entry is July 8; click here to enter for your chance to win!