Want to make an animated appearance on Clone Wars? Here's how!

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Dec 15, 2012

Attention Star Wars fans: if you've ever stood in front of a mirror with a stick and made vroom-vroom lightsaber noises, here's your chance to do it again. Only this time, it's not a guilty pleasure. It's for a chance to appear in Star Wars: The Clone Wars ... in animated form.

Film yourself in glorious Jedi action for 20 seconds or less, then upload it to If you manage to impress a panel of judges, your moves will be incorporated into an episode of The Clone Wars.

Sound great? Alas, there's a catch.

First, the competition is only open to younglings. Entrants must be 17 or younger. Second, the entrants must use a Hasbro Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber ... one that they can't have purchased for the purpose of this competition.

Younglings who don't care about getting televised attention can also enter an "instant win" competition for a chance to snag a Hasbro lightsaber ($35).

Still, adults will see that the site is enjoyable in its own right. Fans of all ages can upload photos to the Jedi image generator and learn some sweet lightsaber forms.

Even better: Adults can get a job and earn the money for a Force FX Lightsaber, the better-constructed, superior version, which goes for $100.

(via StarWarsBlog)

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