Mary Elizabeth Winstead says she's up for a 10 Cloverfield Lane sequel

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May 4, 2017, 10:34 AM EDT (Updated)

Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead had a busy 2016, starring in two television series (Mercy Street and BrainDead) and three films, most notably the surprise sci-fi hit 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Technically set in executive producer J.J. Abram's Cloverfield universe, director Dan Trachtenberg's psychological mystery featured Winstead as Michelle, a feisty, resourceful heroine who ended the film on a beat that most definitely begged for more installments with the character.

At the Television Critics Association day for the third season of Fargo (in which she will star), Winstead told Syfy Wire exclusively that she hopes to play Michelle again.

"I know that Dan and I would love to continue that story," she said with enthusiasm. "The anthology series is where they are going with it, so whether or not that ever comes back to Michelle's story, I'm not sure. But I know Dan always had more in mind, so I would love the opportunity to explore that. If anybody would every let us do that, we would jump on it."

In the meantime, Winstead is shooting Fargo in Calgary, Canada, until May 2017. As to what drives her eclectic choices of late, she admitted, "I've always been driven by story and character and the creative minds behind project. Right now is such an exciting time, because there is so much incredible material in TV, and so many visionaries in TV like Noah [Hawley]. I feel like I have been incredibly lucky the last few years to work with some of those people. Sometimes you want to go off and experiment and do weird things, but for the most part I want to stick with people who are really talented."