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Winter Soldier creator sounds off on Captain America 2 script

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Sep 23, 2013

The man who created the Winter Soldier has read the script for the upcoming Captain America movie based on his story. What does he think?

USA Today caught up recently with Ed Brubaker, whose superb seven-year run on the Captain America comics featured the introduction in 2005 of the Winter Soldier. That storyline -- widely considered one of the best in Cap's long history -- has served as the loose basis for the upcoming Marvel Studios movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

(Stop here if you haven't read the books and don't want to know anymore about key plot points.)

Asked about the movie bearing the name of his story arc, Brubaker said, "I read the script and I was really blown away by it. The tone of it and the Bucky stuff is so perfect and the way I'd want it to be, I was so thrilled to see that. But to me the biggest thing, too, is it's the first time Marvel has put out a movie where there's a specific book the title of the movie relates to."

The Winter Soldier was revealed in Brubaker's story to be Bucky Barnes, Cap's sidekick during World War II who was long presumed dead. In the story he is transformed into a super soldier and assassin by a rogue Soviet general and used in deadly terrorist attacks and covert actions. The story dealt with Cap's guilt over Bucky's presumed death and his horror at what his friend has become.

In the movie, Sebastian Stan returns as Bucky/Winter Soldier and faces off against Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in a conflict that involves a conspiracy at the highest reaches of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel Comics plans to reissue the "Winter Soldier" storyline in a hardcover edition next February to tie in with the April 4 release of the movie. 

Brubaker noted that this was the "first time Marvel has one specific book to point people to, as opposed to when X-Men: First Class came out and there's 15 trade paperbacks and people who see the movie don't know which one to pick up. So it's exciting, as the guy who gets royalties for that book."

(via the Hollywood Reporter)

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