Winter Soldier writer promises 'monumental' changes to Marvel Universe

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Mar 6, 2014

We’ve heard for a while that Captain America: Winter Soldier will help bridge the gap between Avengers and Age of Ultron, but now it sounds like it’ll do a lot more than that.

Director Joe Russo opened up in an interview with /Film about the impact the latest Captain America film will have on the wider world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Just as Avengers set the stage for a world where people know otherworldly heroes exist, it sounds like Winter Soldier will make its own, equally huge leap forward.

What will it be? We have no idea, but it sounds like this one is a distinctly different approach than recent sequels like Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. Both of those sequels stayed fairly close to self-contained stories focused on the title character, while it sounds like Winter Soldier will be digging deep into the fabric of the MCU as a whole, a la The Avengers.

Check out Russo’s comments below:

“The initial story arc is there. We did a lot of work just putting it in a voice. We edged it up a lot more and came up with a lot of set pieces. It’s based on our love of 70s set pieces, which have a certain length to them, there’s a journey that you go on when you watch them. They’re story-based. There’s something at stake for four-and-a-half minutes that you’re going, “Holy shit! What’s gonna happen here?” We just did a reworking in that regard, but they had a really excellent construct to the script that was really sound, where it was going, a very big idea that they’re exploring in the third act of this movie. It’s a sort of, you know, monumental idea for the MCU.

Yes, it impacts everything. That has always been there. So it was easier to do the script work because it had such a clear spine to it, such a strong spine. They were already playing with the themes we wanted to push into more. I relate to those themes of Cap, the loneliness that he feels and the sense of isolation that he has, that makes him an extremely endearing character, so we wanted to push those as far as we could.”

Hmm, now that is pretty interesting. Just judging by what we’ve seen in the trailers and know about the plot, we’d venture a guess that the “monumental” changes could revolve around S.H.I.E.L.D.’s status and connection to the characters, since the agency is pretty obviously under attack for much of the film. Or, heck, it could even tease Ultron? Who knows?

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige let slip a few more details, adding that “the ramifications at the end of this film go directly into Avengers 2. Much more so than the other films.” Well, that pretty much sets the stage for some world-changing plot points. What do you think is the big setup for Avengers: Age of Ultron

(Via /Film)

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