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WIRE Buzz: CBS ignites AI techno-thriller ‘Burn-In’; Fantasy Island reboot cleared for takeoff; more

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Dec 15, 2020, 5:42 PM EST

A future America where artificial intelligence mingles with everyday life…including catching bad guys. The producer behind the Sherlock Holmes exploits of Elementary, with a pedigree that also includes Medium. Add the two together, and you get Burn-In, a new book-based series that CBS reportedly has just fired up with Elementary creator Rob Doherty.

Deadline reports that the network has ignited development on the upcoming techno-thriller drama series, which is based on this year’s Burn-In: A Novel of the Real Robotic Revolution from August Cole and P.W. Singer. The series reportedly will follow the adventures of a Washington, D.C. FBI agent who’s been tasked with “field-testing an advanced police robot,” only to find her life swerving in a new direction.

In the book, Special Agent Lara Keegan ends up partnering with her new AI-guided companion to delve into a conspiracy; one that’s being masterminded from the shadows to create a terrorist-level threat to the nation’s stability. Drawing on current events that signal all the unresolved questions of how technology could steer society toward dystopia or utopia, it’s a sci-fi look at how technology could suffuse police work — for better or worse — in the not-too-distant future.

CBS hasn’t revealed when Burn-In will spark to life on the small screen, nor who might light up the book-to-TV adaptation in terms of casting. Stay tuned for more info…and keep that fire extinguisher close.

Another wish granted — thanks to Mr. Roarke. After lying fallow in the wake of its most recent descent back onto TV, a reboot of 1970s classic Fantasy Island is reportedly circling like a low-flying seaplane over next summer’s network schedule at Fox.

Fox will revive the fantasy series with its anthology format intact, with a straight-to-series order for a limited run in the summer of 2021, according to Deadline. Described as a reboot of the beloved Gene Levitt-created series, which first ran from 1977 to 1084 at ABC, next year’s Fantasy Island reportedly comes from writer-producers Liz Craft and Sarah Fain (The 100), in partnership with Sony Pictures TV (which holds the rights to the franchise) and in-house label Gemstone Studios.

The new series will explore “the ‘what if’ questions that keep us awake at night,” according to the report, weaving “emotional, provocative stories about people who walk in with a desire, but end up reborn to themselves through the magical realism of Fantasy Island.”

Those are big dreams for any series that hopes to follow in the legendary footsteps of original stars Ricardo Montalbán (Mr. Roarke) and Hervé Villechaize (Tattoo). Fantasy Island last appeared on the small screen as an ABC reboot starring Malcolm McDowell in 1998, and fell silent until a standalone, horror-laced theatrical adaptation from Blumhouse swooped onto movie screens this year. Fox hasn't offered a firm premiere date, but the series is slated to descend sometime in summer of 2021.

Netflix didn’t need a third time for creator Matt Groening’s Disenchantment to charm audiences with its signature, Simpsons-laced animation style. But the goofy fantasy series, set in Groening’s parallel medieval silly-verse, is already teasing more comedic charms with a new third-season trailer that even comes with a slappin’, Steppenwolf-coverin’ soundtrack.