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WIRE Buzz: Death Note follow-up alive; HBO Max developing Point Horror YA books into series; more

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Nov 12, 2019, 4:24 PM EST

First up, we’ve got some great news for fans of Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the manga series Death Note. Writer Greg Russo has promised via social media that he has “something very cool in the works for the franchise.” And although he didn’t (couldn’t?) go into details, he said that the franchise is “alive and in good hands.” 

"Appreciate all the check ins from #DeathNote fans," Russo said on Twitter. "Have something very cool in the works for the franchise- can't talk about it yet but it's def alive and in good hands ;)” 

Adapted from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's manga series, Death Note premiered on Netflix in August 2017. Netflix announced last year that it had hired Russo to write a Death Note 2.  

Meanwhile, HBO Max is developing an anthology series based on Scholastic’s Point Horror books, Variety has reported. The show, currently titled Point Fear, explores the horrors of being a teenager. Picturestart and Lionsgate Television are producing.

Each episode will be inspired by one of the books in the series, which had names like The Babysitter, Beach House, and The Boy Next Door. And according to the media outlet’s report, although the series will be geared for modern audiences, it will also give a nod to the 1990s, which makes it unclear if the episodes take place in the ‘90s or will just provide nostalgia-inducing easter eggs.

Credit: Scholastic 

R.L. Stine, who wrote many of the Point Horror books, will executive-produce the series along with Yvonne M. Bernard. Jon M. Chu will direct and also executive-produce.

Launched by Scholastic in 1991, The Point Horror YA books were geared for those wanting something a little edgier than the Goosebumps series. Authors included Stine, Richie Tankersley Cusick, and Diane Hoh.

And finally, are you ready to Belieb in Love? Because Justin Bieber is ready to turn even the most cynical among us into hopeless romantics with his upcoming animated film, Cupid.

Through his Instagram page, the singer-songwriter has given Beliebers and the rest of us mere mortals a reason to love again with a first look at Cupid, which stars Bieber as the voice of the winged god of love from classical mythology. The image is that of a rather forlorn-looking Cupid sitting on a cliff overlooking a harbor at sunset. 

Back in June 2018, we reported that Mythos Studios was developing an animated film based on Cupid starring Bieber, who would also be executive producer.

No word yet on when Cupid will be released. While we wait, do what you can to keep love alive!