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WIRE Buzz: Idris Elba wants to return to Thor; Pokemon manholes; more

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Aug 14, 2019, 6:27 PM EDT (Updated)

Who says that Asgardians can't come back to life? If it's possible, then Idris Elba is hoping that it could prove true for Heimdall, the all-seeing Asgardian gatekeeper he played in several films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Though we saw Heimdall die very early on in Avengers: Infinity War, Elba (currently starring in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw) would be willing to come back if they wanted him. In an interview on KTSA, Elba is asked if he'd be up for returning in either Taika Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder or in Loki on Disney+. His answer was an enthusiastic "Of course!"

“Listen, Heimdall is essentially part of the god family," Elba says. "So, you know, he essentially could be alive. I’m just saying! I’m just putting it out there!" He adds, "The Heimdall character goes way back into, you know, the Thor mythology … And I’m sure there will be an interesting way to bring that alive. Of course I would. Yes.”

Elba also, somewhat ashamedly, reveals that he hasn't seen Avengers: Endgame yet. Don't spoil it for him.

If you like Pokémon as much as you like artwork done on manhole covers, then Japan would be an ideal vacation destination for you. Time Out Tokyo is reporting on a new public artwork initiative taking place throughout the country. 

The art of turning manhole covers into public art is "a quirky and unlikely art form known throughout Japan," according to the article, and now the Pokémon Company is getting in on the action. They are designing their own manhole covers, based on their characters, as part of the project called Pokémon Local Acts. The special Pokémon covers will appear in areas that the article describes as "lesser-known" and "disaster-hit," and will encourage visitors to the area to explore locations that they may not have visited otherwise.

Twitter user Kat Bee tweeted out an image of some of the covers, as well as some locations where aspiring trainers may go looking for them. 

In case you were wondering, yes ... the covers also feature as "Pokestops" for the Pokémon Go mobile game. Start catching them all now, because new covers are being added all the time.

Just in case putting on headphones and shoving a pillow over your face is not enough for you to block out the tedium of airplane travel, British Airways has a solution. How would you like some virtual reality with your mimosa? 

Engadget reports that the airline is beginning a trial of VR entertainment on some of their flights from London's Heathrow airport to New York's JFK. The trial will last from now until the end of the year, with customers having access to cinema in 2D, 3D, or full 360-degree formats.

The headsets themselves will come from the VR company SkyLights, and will be fully immersive no matter how the customer is sitting. The programs provided will also include guided meditation and sound therapy, designed to ease the fears of those who hate flying. This is not the first time that VR has been attempted while flying the friendly skies — Qantas attempted it in 2015, and Alaska Airlines tried it last year. Superman famously strapped one on his head while flying from Metropolis to Central City one time. We made that last one up.

There is no word yet as to whether this airborne VR experience will be exclusive to certain areas of the plane, or whether it will cost customers extra. We can't imagine that you'll get a VR headset for the same price as headphones and a bag of pretzels, so if you want to experience VR in the sky, then you may end up paying extra for it.