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Photo of Brenton Thwaites as Robin from the upcoming Titans series, courtesy DC Entertainment.

WIRE Buzz: Nightwing flying to Titans Season 2; Avengers enter the VR Void; more

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Oct 3, 2019, 1:49 PM EDT

The return of DC Universe’s second season of Titans has stirred all kinds of buzz about how Dick Grayson could carve out his evolving identity, now that the show has already moved past his dalliance as Robin. With internet fans already suspecting that a dark move toward Nightwing was in the works, Grayson actor Brenton Thwaites has now made it widely known: yep, Nightwing will soon be picking up where Robin left off.

Speaking to Comicbook.com, Thwaites opened up about donning the dark suit for Season 2, saying he’d rather get into character as Nightwing rather than as Robin — not only because the suit’s more comfortable; but also because channeling the whole Nightwing vibe is simply more badass.

“It's easier to move in, it's more flexible, it's more imposing, and I think that adds to the kind of the feeling that I have when I put it on, which transforms to my character, which is assuming his confidence, and leadership, and strengths. It feels imposing, and that's all I could ask for from a suit,” he said, adding that, as Nightwing, it’s “easier to get into character, for sure.”

In a way, disclosing Grayson’s darker side carries with it a new kind of vulnerability, said Thwaites, but it’s the kind of new character territory he’s more than ready to take on. “Maybe we should try and analyze this, but the Nightwing costume, although it does cover me up, it feels quite revealing, and I think that's a good thing for Dick Grayson in that point of the story is that he's found who he is and he's revealing himself to people,” he explained.

Leaked set photos already have shown Nightwing and Deathstroke going at it in combat, but Thwaites saved details of how the story will unfold so fans can experience it for themselves. Season 2 of Titans is streaming now at DC Universe, with new episodes dropping every Friday.

The Avengers have been to the Quantum Realm and back already, so at this point a trip into virtual reality should be a piece of cake. VR destination franchise The Void has managed to recruit Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for its next journey into the realm of virtual 3D interactive experiences, and it won’t be long before fans get the chance to suit up alongside characters they’re more accustomed to seeing on the big screen — like Letitia Wright’s Shuri, who highlights the preview clip below.

After three decades and countless confrontations, you’d think that the Graboids of the Tremors movie-verse would’ve finally realized they’re never going to be free of Burt Gummer, the persistent monster hunter played by franchise star and Family Ties dad Michael Gross. 

But the ground-quaking monsters aren’t exactly a smart lot, which means another Tremors movie — this time a direct-to-video title — is in the works from Universal and Tremors veteran director Don Michael Paul. 

Gross recently revealed on Facebook that the seventh Tremors film will begin shooting next month, in the process managing to momentarily set aside the goofy horror vibes to reveal how much the franchise has come to mean to him and the rest of the team. “Thirty years ago, I was on location for the original Tremors film and, in a month’s time, will be in Thailand to begin filming Tremors 7. Three decades, and I am grateful to the many Official Tremors Franchise Fans for the fun ride,” wrote Gross.

We’re not exactly expecting Tremors 7 to be a tear-jerker, but it’s cool to see an old-school cast member like Gross remain invested in a horror-comedy franchise about the giant worms that just won’t stop tearing things up — even if they’re heading to an all-new continent this time, and there’s no Kevin Bacon waiting there to stop them. Tremors 7 doesn’t have a firm release date yet, so keep those shovels ready.