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WIRE Buzz: Star Wars Episode IX panel; Gotham Bane trailer; DS9 doc; more

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Mar 14, 2019, 10:04 AM EDT

It's not every day that a sci-fi fan gets to share good news about both Star Wars and Star Trek, but it's a regular space party over here as development news abounds for both franchises. So let's boldly go where no Jedi has gone before and start with the news coming in on Star Wars: Episode IX

Episode IX wrapped filming in February, and it seems director J. J. Abrams is wasting no time in attempting to share some of what's been created with the world, as it has been officially revealed that Abrams himself, along with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, will be appearing on a special Star Wars Episode IX panel at next month's Star Wars Celebration Chicago (SWCC). The posts touts "plenty of surprises and special guests," the latter of which we're assuming/ hoping means cast members. As for surprises, could it be footage? Or a full title? We hope so. 

The panel will be broadcast at the event for those unable to get into the room, as well as livestreamed "to the Galaxy," as they say. SWCC itself lasts from April 11 through April 15. While you're waiting, here's one more look at Abrams' wrap pic. 

And now for the Star Trek news, specifically Star Trek: Deep Space Nine news. You may have heard about, or even contributed to, the hugely successful IndieGoGo campaign to crowdsource What We Left Behind, the world's first and only Deep Space Nine documentary. The film's campaign raised almost $650,000, and claims to be the most lucrative campaign for a film yet in IndieGoGo's roughly ten year history.

Well, the crew of that movie, which includes co-directors Ira Steven Behr (showrunner for Deep Space Nine itself) and David Zappone (For the Love of Spock director) now bear even more good tidings: the film has been picked up for distribution, a roll out which will include theatrical distribution as part of a release across multiple platforms, which is slated to occur sometime this year. 

One of the highlights of the film will be a "what if?" segment in which the original writers brainstorm a potential eighth season to the long-running, though often underrated entry into the Star Trek universe. So, if you've always wanted more out of the orbit of Bajor, just hold on tight, it's coming.  

And, finally, back on Earth, some news out of Gotham. Or out of Gotham, rather. A new "red band" (meaning: only suitable for mature audiences) trailer has just been released for the Fox series and it certainly earns it's red band designation. It covers the introduction of, and backstory for the character of Eduardo Dorrance and his transformation into Bane, the probable final villain of the series.

The trailer, which features Shane West as Bane, interacting heavily with his old friend Jim Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) is a truly terrifying three minutes and twenty seconds that kinda made me miss Michael Keaton's Batman. Or even Adam West's. You can check it out here for yourself (if you're old enough): 

Ok, now watch this to decompress: 

To paraphrase the 1966 TV show, "Many Bat-Times, many Bat-Channels."