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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. (And you all thought that PETA pic of Maggie Q—now cast in the title role of The CW's La Femme Nikita reboot—was spicy.) Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: Burned Freddy and the other hottest movie toys of the year

Your best comment: Im sorry, but while these toys may look good, they appear to be more of a 'Display-not-play' types. Give me Lego and 5-inch G.I. Joe action figures any day.

God I feel old.—Rico

Our story: POLL: Which sci-fi TV series are you most looking forward to returning?

Your best comment: Take it from a 26 year Doctor Who veteran: You'll get over David Tennant. I know it can be hard to go back and watch the oldies, but they were all good in their time...well most of them. Personally, I still prefer Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor and Tom Baker's 4th Doctor, yes even over Tennant's 10th.


Our story: Scientists say warp speed would have killed Kirk and Spock

Your best comment: FTL travel in trek can be likened to an Egg

If you imagine that the yoke is the spaceship and the shell represents the 'warp bubble', then imagine that you throw that egg as hard as you can into the air. The yoke (space ship) will be travelling at a 0kph relative to the egg white (space inside the warp bubble) and therefore experience none of the issues specified by the special theory. Mean while the space outside the egg shell is whistling past at hellishly risky 25-30kph.

In essence the warp shell splits space time into two zones, the one with the ship in it and the one with the bubble in it. The warp bubble travels at warp factor whatever meanwhile the ship is at full stop within it's own zone.

To me this makes perfect sense and the only thing stopping us is the lack of understanding of space time and how to manipulate it....that said, the concept of firing a beam or missile out of my bubble across normal space and into someone else's that is a load of balls :-)—SciFi

Our story: Which of your favorite shows could live, which could die

Your best comment: As long as Smallville is renewed, they can cancel everything else on the air.—mgb

Our story: James Cameron says Terminator has 'run its course'

Your best comment: The whole Terminator concept is like trying to divide a medium cheese pizza among 2 teams of hungry football players. Either you run out quickly and only the first couple of people get a decent share or it's spread out too thin for everyone. Somehow Terminator managed to do both. It was over after the first movie. Allowing Skynet to keep sending robot after more advanced robot back in time got old after the second movie. It's done, finished, THE END.—Alverant

Our story: This spicy actress is the new femme Nikita

Your best comment: Ouchie! Okay, I just got a good reason to start watching that show again... I like Bridget Fonda, but WOW, Maggie makes her look like Tammy Fae Baker...—sparrowlord01

Our story: New Flash Gordon movie: No Queen, no camp, but 3-D!

Your best comment: Picture Flash Gordon as a mixture of Han Solo, John McLaine and Indiana Jones.

He's regular guy but smart and capable, caught up in adventures beyond his imagination. We have action, adventure and a touch of romance and wry humor. No camp necessary. Star Wars wasn't camp but it did pretty well.—LewDennis

Our story: Awesome memory: Trek crew with the shuttle Enterprise

Your best comment: Polyester leisure suits! Polyester leisure suits! Polyester leisure suits!

I remember polyester leisure suits! The downfall of civilization as we knew it!— Oberon

Our story: A Cylon becomes an alien resistance leader in V

Your best comment: Isn't it funny. In the original Battlestar Galactica the Cylons were an intelligent lizard people wiped out by their creation, and an actor who played in the new Battlestar Galactica as a Cylon is playing an intelligent lizard. "It has all happened before, and it shall all happen again."—SethSJ

Our story: Biggest gathering of costumed Star Trek fans ever. Or is it?

Your best comment: The last time 100 British appeared together in uniform, they invaded the Falklands.—Yukon Sam

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