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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. (And you all seemed to agree that Anna Torv's photo shoot from Esquire definitely was hot.) Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: 10 insane sci-fi sports that make the Super Bowl look tame

Your best comment: Yeah...

Football is so lame with all those bogus boo boos like shattered knees, broken arms, broken ribs and the cumulative effects of regular concussions not to mention the occasional permanently paralyzing broken back.

Also those football players are such pansies playing in all sorts of conditions from high heat with stifling humidity to below zero temperatures and with torrential rain or blinding blizzards. Who do they think they are playing on anything from mud to hard Astroturf.

And what is it with these milquetoasts taping up sprained ankles and other injuries and still going out to play.

What a bunch of gutless wonders.—ZombyWoof

Our story: Fringe's Anna Torv as you've never seen her: Topless (NSFW)

Your best comment: People really need to learn the definition of the word nude.

If you are wearing any clothing you are NOT nude.

And if you have your arms or body strategically placed to cover up what some would refer to as "the naughty bits", it really defeats the point of the whole thing.—TageRyche

Our story: Why Michael Shanks thinks Stargate SG-1 is history

Your best comment: I'm so tired of hearing SGU being compared to BSG. What is the basis for that, cause they're on an old ship? Where's the ragtag fleet? Where are the Cylon like enemies? Vipers? Dogfights in space? Without all the elements of BSG, it's hardly a copy.

It's a departure from the old formula, sure. I'll give you that. I for one am glad the franchise has matured since it's beginning, as most of us should have in the 15 years since the TV syndication's debut.— jedidoh

Our story: A new Daredevil film is coming whether we want one or not

Your best comment: I'm going to be honest and say that I really didn't have that much of a problem with the Daredevil film. In fact, I rather liked it. It's definitely one of the better Marvel Comics movies to be put out (especially when compared to the mid-80's Dolph Lundgren "Punisher" or the "Electra" spin-off). I wouldn't even mind a sequel that was better made. But, if we are doing a complete reboot, I'd encourage they go back the story out of the comics, tweek it only a bit, and take more direction from the story arcs by Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, and Michael Bendis. If I had my way, I'd make it more of a "Marvel Knights" movie, involving a three to four of the street-level Marvel heroes that grudgingly work together to face a superior foe(s).—Gaijin

Our story: POLL: Christopher Nolan takes over Superman. Do you like?

Your best comment: as long as he does two things: 1) NO ORIGIN STORY!!! they've been done to death, just bring on the fracas
2)keep the tone of the film in line with the character, i.e. lose the sense of gritty realism; keep the sense of wonder and hope yet maintain a sense of plausible fantasy without trying to outright replicate the Donnerverse. Donner's SUPERMAN is my favorite movie of all time, but we need to move on to something new. IT'S TIME TO BRING ON DARKSEID!!!— kryptoniteman

Our story: 10 killer sci-fi characters who would DESTROY at the Olympics

Your best comment: Neo curling? There is no broom.—Gilveron

Our story: Cameron's writer has GREAT ideas for Terminator 5 and 6

Your best comment: How about this plot for the next film:
Arnold travels back in time to terminate everyone responsible for Terminator sequelitis post-T2, thereby saving us all from a horrible future of George Lucas-style franchise dilution.
— Roger Workman

Our story: Your picks for this winter's 10 hottest sci-fi hunks

Your best comment: "Did People magazine take over SciFI?"

Why do people complain about this type of article. Are you nerds really that self absorbed as to not see the benefit to Sci-Fi and its viewers by going more mainstream.

I am sure there are plenty of "true" science fiction blogs out there written in Klingon, by a bunch of browncoats, using the word Frakk, and debating who would win in a race between the millenium falcon and the enterprise.

Sci-Fi Wire is an entertainment portal, not a nerd blog. I like my real science fiction just as much as the rest of you basement dwelling virgins but sheesh, enough with the complaints already.— theApocalypse

Our story: Why the new Snake Plissken HAS to be a 'badass'

Your best comment: I love the original, and I'm not crasy about this remake...

BUT, all you old geeks must understand :

A) that movies today are made for the people that go to the movies : 13/19 year old. Yes, they are the ones that make up at least 2/3 of sales (which explains Twilight! LOL).

B) For a 13 year old today, the original movie looks really old and dated, so they don't care about it and wouldn't pay money to see it if it came out today... And I'm sorry to say that, but we all know it's true (I actually like the way it is dated, with punks, etc)... Just like if I told you the best sci fi movie ever was Metropolis by Fritz lang in the 20's...

At least with a remake, it gives a second life to something we love... Then again, I'm not 13, so I might only just see it on TV...—John

Our story: HUGE Superman news: Supes to get Dark Knighted?

Your best comment: If you wana make a Superman movie, you have to go BIG. Creating land to sell may have flown as a villain plot back in the 70s, but it's bullsh*t now days. And we don't care that Superman can stop bullets with his eye balls, we need to see him take on a massive, out of this world threat. Something the other heroes can never dream of handling.

And yeah the Villain is very important... it has to be bigger than someone/thing just trying to kill Superman. I'm talking 'fate of the universe' here... that's when you need Superman...

And for the love of God not everything has to be grounded in reality. Lets keep some element of the fantastic that makes these Superheroes super. When everything starts making perfect scientific sense, and fits into real world shizz.... it's not a comic book movie anymore. And that's essentially what we need. A feeling of "whoa... that could never happen in real life"

... I just love Superman in the comics... but I hate what the movies have made of him.—Onega_Von_Doom

Our story: Neo, John Connor and 9 other awesome sci-fi hackers

Your best comment: How could you miss Chole from Smallville. Shame on you.—handlerandel

Our story: Caprica's Alessandra Torresani is HOT in NSFW Maxim pics

Your best comments:Wondering? How do 2 light skinned blue eyed blonde adults have a dark eyed dark haired dark skinned daughter?—Praetor Shinzon II

Praetor Shinzon to answer your question it happens. My family is all dark hair, dark eyes and I have blond hair with blue eyes. Some traits just skip a generation or two.—lastmass

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