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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. (Your thoughts about The Office's John Krasinski as Captain America? Not so hot.) Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: How Avatar is creating a 3-D hell for movie theaters

Your best comment: So--which movie do you most want to see in 3-D?

Serenity 2: Revenge of the Reavers— ecgordon

Our story: New trailer for Doctor Who highlights Matt Smith's Time Lord

Your best comment: It is new, thus it is strange to us.
It is strange to us, thus we must fear it.
We fear it, thus we must hate it.
We hate it, thus we must destroy it!

I am so sick of you all who must hate everything that is new. I like so many others of you have gown up over the last 40+ years watching Dr. Who, and have gone through numerous Doctor changes. I like so many others have come to like if not love them all. Some I like better than others, but I must admit I don't hate any of them.

Stop hating, and let's wait till after the third episode has premiered. THEN we can decide whether or not we like the new Doctor. I am very optimistic for the new Doctor. He is new, and I need time to adjust to a new face. But from what little I have seen, I think he is going to be ok.

As for the Logo... I kind of like it. —13 Cylon

Our story: James Cameron explains: Why exactly do Na'vi have breasts?

Your best comment: The Blue-breasted Na'vi were the only Pandoran humanoids to survive the vicious culling process of the dreaded Studio-Exec, a form of giant rodent accidently brought over from planet earth on cargo ships. The female Na'vi are also quite well adapted to the so-called "tween-boy rub out" effect, a phenomenon first observed by social scientists on earth while studying the cultural impact of lofi-porn such as National Geographic. This adaptation naturally enhanced their selection through normal darwinian priniciples, resulting in voluptous blue boobies all around the planet. This is one more notch of evidence for the general scientific principle: "Boobies will find a way".

So, science still wins and we have another color in the sexual crayon box.—darklordmtt

Our story: Fan lists all original Trek episodes in record time

Your best comment: I can name all of the "Cop Rock" episodes in order.—TooMuchFreeTime

Our story: Church upset Roland Emmerich destroyed Jesus in 2012

Your best comment: Does this mean that the city of Tokyo can sue for damages because of the Godzilla movies? Or that the federal government can take Ray Harryhausen to task for destroying national monuments in Earth vs. The Flying Saucers? Maybe New York City can complain on how George Pal destroyed it in When Worlds Collide?—Jeff from Jersey; yes new Jersey

Our story: The hunks who could be Captain America (Jim Halpert??)

Your best comment: You know, I was chatting with a friend of mine about this just yesterday, and we were thinking of Justin Hartley - Olvier Queen/Green Arrow from Smallville. Got the physique, decent acting chops (best on the show since they "killed" Lex), and he's got the brooding superhero bit down. Plus the chin. And I think he could make the leap to film pretty well, assuming that Smallville is done soon. Or it would be easy to write him out of the show for 1/2 a season.—Captain

Our story: Horror director dares: Watch my scary movie alone, win $10,000

Your best comment: Oh god, my wife loves Bollywood movies so I can assure you of 3 things:
1. There will be song and dance routines about how much the two parents are in love. Probably in the rain, and/or in the Swiss Alps.
2. There will be direct dialogue, music, and situational rip offs of several Hollywood blockbusters. Anybody seen "Krrish"? My guesses would be The Grudge, Paranormal Activity, and several classics.
3. "Gimmie five.." is only the beginning of the over-acted, cliched one-liners. Bollywood loves randomly tossing in English slang one-liners. That, combined with overdramatic music and the overuse of dramatic close-ups. Oh yes, it's great.
Remember that Bollywood is a movie style, not just a city, like calling a movie "Tarantino-style" says it all.

Our story: Why sci-fi TV hates black people

Your best comment: Okay, first of all the video is pretty funny and at the same time speaks the truth. Writers and producers (often) do not handle black characters well. However, it is more thoughtlessness than outright racism. They only think of black characters in extremes, not as unique individuals. They go with what they're comfortable with, what they've read or been shown, of the black experience. And often what is depicted is hardship, vice, and death. Frankly what they did to Michael on Lost sucked. They didn't put half the energy or thought behind his character, as they did Locke, Jack, Kate, or Sawyer. Because they didn't think to. They simply made Michael the 'angry black father'. Then blew him up! But to be frank, and this is going to anger some people out there, shows like Lost, Heroes, and most films are an honest representation of the divide in America. Where you have a large number of middle and upper class white Americans on the 'right' side and various 'others' on the 'left'. The challenge becomes how to bridge that gap on all levels. But still you have to laugh at the ridiculous rate black people and Mexican Americans as well, get killed off. I don't mind saying, I'm a little worried for Hurley. Wouldn't that make compelling drama from the writers perspective? The TV audience gasping, "Oh no, they killed Hurley?" And if the idea of Hurley makes you squirm a bit - makes you uncomfortable, that's exactly what African American viewers have been living with for years. Try looking at it from that perspective, instead of going on the knee jerk, defensive.—Old Guard

Our story: Big-ass Superman news! Goyer writing; Brainiac, Luthor!

Your best comment: How about just not making another Superman movie at all? I think he might just be the most boring superhero of all times, and he's certainly the most overrated one.

Each and every single Superman movie sucked, each on different levels of intensity. The were vapid, idiotic, dull, lifeless, cheesily acted and badly written. Yes, even the Donner one. For heaven's sake, stop it with the reboots and do something new.—Idomeneus

Our story: Doctor Who writer puts Sherlock in the 21st century

Your best comment: I think there's already a modern version of Sherlock Holmes. It's called "House."

No, really. It's intentional and fairly dead on. Dr. House even used to live at 221 B for a while.—melsner

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