Wish Alex Ross Happy 47th Birthday with 47 comic book covers

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Jan 22, 2017, 5:00 PM EST

Living legend Alex Ross turns 47 today! It's hard to believe this amazing comic book artist has been a working professional for nearly 25 years, pushing the envelope and chasing that creative demon like a Yeager-era test pilot as he takes his supersonic craft into the stratosphere and beyond.  

Ross erupted onto the scene with his revolutionary 1994 mini-series, Marvels, written by Kurt Busiek, and followed it up two years later with Kingdom Come, written with Mark Waid, which is still one of the finest examples of the art form ever conceived.

Today, his dramatic main and variant covers and limited-edition prints blanket everything from Batman, Doctor Strange, X-Men and The Beatles to Flash Gordon, The Shadow and The Wizard of Oz.  Having interviewed Ross several times, I am a lifelong admirer of his stylish, photo-realistic paintings and am always astonished by his Herculean output that shows no diminishment of his rare genius.

Prolific as ever, with one astounding cover after another, the man often called "The Noman Rockwell of Comics" has precisely conjured up our dreams of how superheroes should look, plucked straight from the Jungian depths of our minds in striking Golden Age hues. Year after year, line by line, Ross and his art have become the sterling standard for how we envision our gallant caped crusaders.

Check out this birthday barrage of 47 Alex Ross covers to browse through and behold, born of the enchanted hand of a modern master of the medium who is just now beginning to hit his stride.  

Happy Birthday, Alex! from all of us here at Syfy Wire, and many more to come!