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Witchblade and Spawn are going medieval again in an all-new miniseries

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:21 AM EDT (Updated)

Medieval Spawn and Medieval Witchblade haven’t joined forces since Garth Ennis and Brandon Peterson raised some hell with a first collaboration in 1996, but now the powers that be—aka Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin—are teaming up human and Hellspawn again in an all-new miniseries.

Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane, who also spawned Spawn, made the reveal at San Diego Comic Con. Brian Haberlin the made the most awesome Facebook status update ever.

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The sort of thing you actually want to see on your Facebook feed.

If Haberlin’s epic art says anything about the new miniseries, it’s going to be legendary.

Sir John of York made a deal with the devil to return to Earth as a Hellspawn after living by a bloody sword. As a mortal in the mid-15th century, he fought in the civil war plaguing the mythical country of Bahavia, Louis II. Except the king giving orders with his temper raging led to a fatal misunderstanding. What Sir John and his knights-in-arms heard was a command to kill Sir Thomas, the Archbishop of Bahavia, and the king’s bodyguards literally sent him to hell after they found out about the mistaken murder. Forgiveness just wasn’t happening after that.

Back in symbiotic armor, Sir John, now Medieval Spawn, swears to redeem himself in (un)death by battling The Darkness. When the roguish Katarina Godliffe aka Medieval Witchblade unearthed the magical gauntlet in a pile of manure of all places, she learned of Spawn’s fight against the shadows and soon allied herself with him to dethrone a wicked king. Not bad for someone who doesn’t recognize her former lover back from the dead.

Demon hunter Angela eventually slayed the Spawn and Katarina lost the Witchblade (though she did end up as the immortal sheriff of Faerie), but a second series on the horizon means the dead are somehow resurrected. Maybe Sir John gets sympathy from the devil. More likely that the devil has some other use for him.

The Medieval Spawn/Medieval Witchblade miniseries rises from the underworld later this year.