Witches are hunting for dead bodies in tense new True Blood promo

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Krystal Clark
Dec 14, 2012

True Blood's vampires and werewolves are getting some unwanted company, because ... The witches are coming! The witches are coming! In the latest promo for season four, it's all about the new neighbors—witches and warlocks. (There goes the neighborhood.)

If you've been following the show [*spoilers ahead*], you know that Lafayette and his new friend Jesus have been dabbling in magic. More specifically, Jesus is a witch, and this season his Wiccan buddies are coming out of the woodwork. They're like roaches!

In the new promo, we're introduced to a circle of witches, one of which is Fiona Shaw, aka Aunt Petunia from the Harry Potter movies. Lafayette has joined forces with the group and is participating in some type of spell, but they're missing one important thing—a dead body! It must be their lucky day, because Bon Temps is filled with them.

Besides the fight between witches and bloodsuckers, there's footage of an angry Bill, who's sporting a new haircut and guyliner. Plus, Jessica has gone crazy (again), and Pam's being, well, Pam. At the end of it all, we think Sookie sums up what most of us are already thinking: "Oh great, now I have to deal with witches?"

Yes, yes you do!

True Blood premieres on HBO June 26 at 9 p.m. Will you be watching?

(via HBO)

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