Witness the workings of this invincible 567-part, motorized Iron Man armor

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Dec 23, 2016, 5:30 PM EST

As a rule, most writers are not particularly mechanically inclined.  As a child I often had difficulty with Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys, but hand me some Crayola crayons or a trusty #2 pencil and I could whip up an artistic masterpiece in a jiffy. Well, at least a credible stick figure or semi-convincing ghost story.  

So to me, this amazing mechanized Iron Man figure from The Toys Asia consisting of 567 moving parts is nothing short of sheer sorcery. Behold the Iron Man XLIII Movable Armor Version collector showpiece as modeled after the hi-tech suit seen in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Their impeccably-detailed, life-sized armor opens like a burnished flower bud to reveal the intricate workings of Tony Stark's iconic superhero suit.  This beauty is strictly for high-rollers or accidental lottery winners and will set you back a whopping $360,000 after waiting eight months for its fabrication. But wow is it worth it!

Check out the presentation video and gallery of still below and tell us if you'd ever spring for one of these insane Iron Man suits!

(Via io9)