WMMR radio interview

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Nov 11, 2008

I'll be on the Philly station WMMR Wednesday morning at 9:30 Eastern time (7:30 Mountain, dagnappit, so I'll be drinking my coffee early) talking astronomy and probably the book with hosts Preston & Steve. They have a Listen Live option on the site, so click it and hear me shill the book, rather than just read me shilling the book. Their website has a "morning zoo" look all over it, so maybe I'd better have two cups of coffee.

Don't forget, on Friday, Nov. 14: I'll be in Second Life with Michael Stackpole, too.

Update: I made some fun of the Phillies in the interview. Let me be clear: I have no idea if the Phillies are awful or not, as I haven't watched a pro game in years (long story). It was a joke. I love Philly cheesesteaks, and Bassett's ice cream (srsly), and George Hrab. So Don't hurt me.

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