Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus features badass Nazi-slaying women

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Nov 7, 2017, 6:03 PM EST

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has plenty going for it: It’s the eleventh main entry in the long-running and insanely popular Wolfenstein first-person shooter series. It’s a gleefully violent and riotous battle cry against all things Nazi. Best of all, it’s home to some of the most badass Nazi-slaying women ever seen in the history of the franchise.

Sure, William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz (also known as “Terror-Billy”) may be the cover boy, and as such the main protagonist as he always has been. But the harrowing tale of Nazis having claimed the United States of America and the subsequent revolution that forms to overthrow them would be nothing without the women pulling the strings behind the operation. Whether they’re acting as moral support or masterminding an entire revolution, the women in this game are a force to be reckoned with, making a case for strong women being woven into the narratives of so many blockbuster video games these days.

From Grace Walker to Caroline Becker, these are the women of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus that you definitely need to know.

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Grace Walker

The leader of the American Resistance cell in New York, Grace is a no-nonsense, take-charge kind of woman who isn’t going to stand for anyone’s nonsense. Formerly a member of the Black Revolutionary Front, she’s no stranger to standing up for what she believes in, even if it means sacrificing everything to carry out her missives. After surviving an atomic bomb attack and living through the Nazi occupation of the country she’s always lived in, she perseveres, even in the bleakest of moments with a baby daughter in tow. Calling the shots when it comes to leading B.J. and the rest of the crew to topple the Nazi regime, Grace is the picture of leadership, using her hatred for the Nazis to fuel her as she works to make the world a better place. For her, for everyone, and especially for the Black community, which had been continually wronged by the Nazis. 


Sigrun Engel

Despite being the daughter of Frau Irene Engel, or the main antagonist in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Sigrun is a good person at heart. She’s moved to revolt and defect against her mother and the Nazis after suffering years of abuse at the hands of Irene, so she ends up becoming a valuable part of the revolutionary group. Not only did she intervene to attempt to save Caroline Becker from being killed by her mother, but she made herself an important part of the Resistance, sharing Nazi military secrets and becoming integral to the group’s success. She also hates being called a Nazi, because despite her background and upbringing (which she couldn’t help), she’s someone who wants to do right by her friends, and if that means having a good old-fashioned shootout with some Nazis, then that’s just fine. 


Caroline Becker

The leader of the Kreisau Circle, the resistance network spreading across the world in an effort to rid it of its Nazi infestation, Caroline Becker began life as a schoolteacher but grew to become a massively important figure in the revolution. Involving B.J. Blazkowicz in her plans to infiltrate the Nazi regime and bring it crashing down, she’s the mastermind behind several of the group’s important plans to bring America out of the darkness and into the light again. Even after being injured to the point of being wheelchair bound, she proudly fought on with her comrades in the Kreisau Circle up until the very end. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of Caroline, no matter what state she’s in. 


Anya Oliwa

There are few women who can be heavily pregnant, naked, covered in blood, and firing weapons at advancing Nazi forces Akimbo-style. Anya Oliwa/Blazkowicz, B.J.’s wife and mother of his children, totally slays. Initially providing support via radio for B.J. on his journeys to take out Nazi strongholds, she grew into an even important member of the Kreisau Circle, acting as an important source of moral support and understanding toward B.J. and the rest of the organization’s members. As a Nazi hunter when she worked on her own, she obtained valuable fighting skills that were only sharpened when she began working with the resistance to take back America. While she’s a kind and compassionate woman, she’s not one to be trifled with, no matter what kind of situations she finds herself in. She may be B.J.’s wife, but don’t underestimate her or you’ll find yourself on the business end of a rifle, especially if you happen to be one of Frau Engel’s goons. 


Mary Sue "Professor" Ellington

This skilled sniper belongs to the New Orleans Resistance Cell in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, a ridiculously talented markswoman who can take out just about any target. As soon as she meets “Terror Billy,” in fact, she takes out a Nazi with her faithful Sturmgewehr rifle, remarking that she can pick off a Nazi from a hundred yards away.