Wolverine appears in a post-credit scene... in the comics?

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Jan 5, 2018, 1:56 PM EST (Updated)

With awards season for Logan shaping up nicely, its closure-filled ending is one of the year’s unforgettable movie moments. But in the comics, Wolverine’s end is facing an addendum. In fact, as part of his postscript, he's appearing in a few other Marvel heroes’ comics.

**Spoilers ahead for Wolverine’s current status in the comics**

After returning from the dead in Marvel Legacy #1, Wolverine wanders the pages following his allies’ adventures. In this week’s Captain America No. 697, featuring the first of Marvel’s nine announced “post-credit sequences” starring Wolverine, Logan searches a bar for Captain America, only to find out he’s missed him. “I’ll just hafta meet up with him some other time,” says Wolverine.

It’s unclear if the post-script was penned by Mark Waid, who wrote the Cap story. But while regular Captain America artist Chris Samnee penciled the rest of the issue, we know the Logan scene was drawn by Lenil Francis Yu.

Captain America #697, Marvel, Wolverine

Captain America #697 (Courtesy of Marvel Comics)

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, a comic book post-credit sequence is a bit of a misnomer, considering that most of Marvel’s credits come at the beginning of the comic, “making the majority of the comic technically ‘post-credit scenes.’”

Still, the idea of bonus stories and cliffhanger teases is what many comic companies built their brand on. Although now the success of Marvel’s movie branch seems to be seeping ideas into the comics, as both approach the same subject matter at a barreling pace.

That’s because all of these post-credit scenes culminate in March with the launch of the Infinity Countdown comic, which stars Wolverine (possibly alongside all his pre-credit co-stars, and hopefully including some answers about his return from the dead). If you want to keep up with the side story, you can find future post-credit scenes featuring Wolverine in upcoming issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Mighty Thor, Black Panther, Avengers, Incredible Hulk, X-Men: Red, and Invincible Iron Man. When Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters across the country May 4, these familiar names will be just as busy on screen as on the page, presumably with post-credit scenes aplenty.