Wolverine searches a hospital in second comic post-credit scene

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Jan 18, 2018, 6:46 PM EST (Updated)

Wolverine just won’t stay down, be it in the movies (despite Logan’s brilliant closure) or the comics. Now he’s got just a little bit more to say -- just enough to build anticipation for the next time he rolls through town.

The aged and bladed Canuck we know and love is back from the dead in the comics, first searching for Captain America and now, in his second in a series of post-credit scenes, looking for the new Thor. At the end of this week’s The Mighty Thor #703, Wolverine appears in a brief story drawn by Leinil Yu, which shows him wandering the hospital housing Jane Foster.

He’s brought flowers, but no card. How enigmatic.

See for yourself:



Wolverine doesn’t seem intent on the heroes he’s tracking knowing that he’s doing such, or else why wouldn’t he leave his name? Or at least go up there? There’s no telling what his Nick Fury-esque visitations mean, but this particular page raises the question of how Logan knows Jane is Thor. He was wrapped in adamantium before that all went down.

Wolverine’s next scheduled appearance at the end of a comic is in Amazing Spider-Man #794, out in one week. Who knows what locale Wolverine will be lingering outside of, waiting to miss Spider-Man?