Watch Hugh Jackman slash his way through the X-Men movies in Wolverine supercut video

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Apr 26, 2017, 2:46 PM EDT (Updated)

Snikt! There’s a new video making the rounds from YouTube users The Geek Twins counting every Wolverine slash from the X-Men movies.

However, since Logan is currently making the rounds in movie theaters (it only came out on March 3) and isn’t available on home video just yet, this still awesome supercut only includes scenes from the very first X-Men film, up to last year's X-Men: Apocalypse -- as well as scenes from the various Logan trailers, clips and various videos out there. Meaning: This is not a definitive supercut.

Still, it’s impressive work and a cool video to watch. Who doesn’t like to see Wolverine slash his way through bad guys with his Adamantium claws? Since star Hugh Jackman has retired said claws for good (I’m still in denial about this; I love what the actor has done with Wolverine for the past 17 years and here I am, still hoping against hope he’ll make a cameo in Deadpool 2 even though I know it's futile), that video really hits the sweet spot, until we can get our hands on that Blu-ray copy of Logan.

Check it out below, and let us know which Wolverine slash is your personal favorite: