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Wolverine waffles with your Groot grits? Marvel debuts a comics-inspired cooking show

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Apr 9, 2018, 6:13 PM EDT (Updated)

In an evident demonstration that there’s no facet of creativity that Marvel is too afraid to touch, the company revealed at this year's C2E2 a new, comics-themed cooking series that will serve as a key ingredient on this year’s menu of Marvel's straight-to-digital streaming web shows.

Marvel’s Eat the Universe, the first installment of which you can check out below, will find guests teaming up with celebrity chef Justin Warner each week for a culinary take on Marvel’s deep lore-verse. So if you’ve been longing to find an attention-getter that’ll help you liven up your next office party with, let’s say, Deadpool divinity, Hulk hash browns, or Rocket Raccoon risotto (our suggestions), get set to tune in and start slicing and dicing like a hero.

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The show’s first installment finds food inspiration from Phoenix/Jean Grey and Cable, resulting in the admittedly tasty-looking “Phoenix Hot Chicken and Egg Bowl," whose recipe you can actually find over at Marvel's landing page

The idea for the series, says Marvel, is for Warner to bring “a wide-array of pop culture influencers into his kitchen to cook dishes inspired by Marvel’s rich comic history and talk about their love of the brand, Super Heroes, life, food and everything in between.”

Food, comics, and conversation…we’ll have to wait and see, but maybe Marvel’s onto something. According to The Hollywood Reporter, though, this isn’t even the first time Marvel has brought comics and cuisine into the same universe. Back in 2014, “the company launched 3 Course Comics with CB Cebulski, a food-and-chat show hybrid featuring the man who, these days, is the editor-in-chief of Marvel's comic book line.”

Warner, who won the Food Network’s Food Network Star competition in its eighth season and routinely shows up as a judge on the network’s Guy’s Grocery Games, has kind of been building up to a moment like this. The idea for a Marvel food tour has been around at least since March of last year, when he starred in an “Eat the Marvel Universe” episode of THWIP! The Big Marvel Show, where he served hosts Lorraine Cink and Ryan Penagos two Princess Python-inspired dishes featuring tofu skin and, well, actual python.

The new show has already made its debut, and you can stay updated on new episodes by visiting Marvel’s digital series site. And in the meantime, why not hit up Marvel’s social media accounts and let them know you own ideas for some comics-inspired dishes? Your Spidey smoked salmon just might end up on Peter Parker’s plate.

New episodes of Marvel's Eat the Universe debut each Tuesday.

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