Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1 Marvel Comics
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Marvel Comics/Giuseppe Camuncoli

Wolverine wields the Infinity Gauntlet (with claws!) in Wolverine: Infinity Watch

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Nov 13, 2018, 10:50 PM EST

The fallout from Marvel Comic's current Infinity Wars miniseries is already underway. 

Earlier today, Marvel.com teased the cover of Wolverine: Infinity Watch, which shows a closeup of the dreaded Infinity Gauntlet, complete with all six Infinity Gems. It appears to be worn by none other than Wolverine himself, given that his adamantium claws are sticking out. 

There aren't any details about the upcoming storyline, besides knowing that the Infinity Watch was a team of beings who each guarded a single Infinity Gem to prevent them being used together. It's also known that the series will team up the recently resurrected X-Man with the God of Mischief himself, Loki. Writer Gerry Duggan, who also penned the recent Infinity Wars, teased readers with "…The new cosmic status quo will demand... watching…"

Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1 Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics/Giuseppe Camuncoli

Wolverine returned to the Marvel Universe in last year's Marvel Legacy #1, and happened to be sporting a single Infinity Stone while quipping "Ain't we a helluva pair?" Though it appears he had surrendered the token of raw power by the time Infinity Countdown #1 hit stands earlier this year. 

Duggan's very specific emphasis on the word "watching" could also imply that The Watcher known as Uatu will factor in somehow. The character, a cosmic being whose entire existence is to watch the events on Earth and the surrounding solar system, was killed off in 2014's Original Sin — the same year Marvel killed off Logan in the Death of Wolverine storyline. 

Could their fates be intertwined? We won't know until Wolverine: Infinity Watch becomes available for purchase this coming February. Andy MacDonald will be providing the art, while this cover for issue #1 was done by Giuseppe Camuncoli. 

What do you think will come out of Wolverine's newfound infinite power? Let us know in the comments.