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Wolverine will be sporting a whole new look when he finally returns to comics

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Aug 20, 2018, 8:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Wolverine, aka Logan, is almost back in the pages of Marvel Comics. After his death and an old-man alternate timeline version, the "Hunt for Wolverine" began. And coming this September, Logan will finally be back in "Return of Wolverine." As should be expected, he'll be wearing a costume we haven't seen him in before. 

The five-issue series will be written by Charles Soule, and according to Marvel, it will bring "new twists to Logan's powers" in addition to the new look. Declan Shalvey ("Dead Man Logan") has been announced as the artist for issues #2-4 of the series, and Soule is excited about it: “I've wanted to work with Declan Shalvey forever—you can ask him! I've talked to him a million times about telling a story together,” Soule says. “He did a new design for one of Logan's outfits in the story that I love, and he'll get to choreograph a massive battle sequence with the X-Men, too. Declan's wonderful, and he'll do a hell of a job.”

What does the new outfit look like? Take a look at Shalvey's variant cover for Issue #2 to find out: 


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It's an interesting look, and certainly a little different from what we're used to seeing Logan wearing. His most famous look is likely the yellow spandex classic, complete with a mask. The animated series in the '90's took that same concept to a brown and orange place, and then at some point in the comics Logan stopped wearing the mask (we guess if claws grow out of your hands people know who you are) and just wore a white tank top and jeans. 

Logan's outfits in movie adaptations have mostly gone the tank top route as well, occasionally adding a leather jacket on top of it. Notable exceptions are the times when Wolverine suits up alongside the rest of the team, wearing the all-black (and so very serious) uniform that the other X-Men wear. 


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This new suit for the comics is more in line with the black get-up the X-Men wear in some of the films, except this one is sleeveless (Logan can pull it off) and has some reddish accents. It's a little sci-fi looking, and wouldn't look weird in Count Dooku's closet. 

The important thing is that Logan's signature hair and beard is the same. You can change his clothing all you like, but without those wing flairs and heavy mutton chops, he just wouldn't have that iconic feel. He's not coming in with a head of hair like Don Draper — he's definitely still Logan. 

Will there be a story purpose for this wardrobe change? There's every chance that this new getup will have something to do with the "twists" to his powers that Marvel talks about. There's also the chance that he just felt like wearing something else, because yellow spandex can only take you so far. 

What do you think of Logan's new look? Does he make it work? Discuss in the comments below. 

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