Wolverine vs. Jean Grey? Snooki takes sides. Yes, THAT Snooki

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 16, 2012

Never, in my whole life, did I ever think that I'd be agreeing with anything that Jersey Shore "star" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi said—aside from the stray, drunken bellow "I want pizza!"—but she comes up with a rather logical argument in the great Wolverine vs. Jean Grey debate.

Her case is surprisingly cogent: While engaged in a playful disagreement with her boyfriend, Jionni (no comment), Snooki took to Twitter for support and dropped the following:

She then hit her 4 million followers with this:

Now, if we move past her questionable grasp of the English language, you'll see that her argument is somewhat sound: While Logan's healing factor does make him a formidable opponent, all Jean Grey would have to do is disintegrate his flesh, sizzle everything off of that adamantium framework, and he'd have nothing left to do his healing with.

And, naturally, she's operating from a purely cinematic-Wolverine perspective, as true comics fans know that Wolverine has regenerated from as little as a drop of blood, so it's possible that a mere DNA trace would be enough for him to claw his way back from the grave.

Aw, hell. Now I want pizza.

(via The Mary Sue)