Wolverine wannabe arrested after attacking roommate with claws

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Dec 17, 2012

Here's an important lesson for anyone who might be seeking a roommate—make sure to ask about their fictional weapon collection. Otherwise, you might wind up on the sharp end of some adamantium claws, bub!

Nineteen-year-old Kristofer Ryan Huff is a big Wolverine fan. He, unfortunately, is not quite as big a fan of his roommate. Huff allegedly attacked his roommate with a (real enough) version of Wolverine's claws, for which he was charged with aggravated assault.

How much damage can a teenager do with the faux Wolvie claws? Turns out, quite a lot. According to Vernal Police sergeant Vance Norton, "(The alleged victim) sustained probably five to six wounds to his head, and then two to his arm, multiple defense wounds on his hands and then one real deep wound to his thigh." Ouch!

And if you thought you'd heard the weirdest part of this story, just you wait. The roommates have, apparently, been friends since they were kids. Fun fact, though—the alleged victim (who is only 20 years old himself) is dating Huff's mother.

Gosh! Can't imagine what might have set Huff off. Nothing can justify going the full Logan on a guy, but if you're dating your friend's mom you may want to invest in a Captain America shield.

(via KSL)