Wolverine's Aronofsky warns: Fox has no idea what it's in for

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

The award-winning writer-director reveals his plans for making the pseudo-sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine—"we're definitely going to make something great."

Looking at Aronofsky's resume, there's nothing on it that would lead you to believe that he should be directing a film about Wolverine—except, perhaps, his relationship with Hugh Jackman, who starred in The Fountain. Nevertheless, Fox has handed him the keys to the jewel in the X-Men crown and is letting him adapt Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's "Wolvie goes to Japan" miniseries—which is all about doomed love, tested honor and a boatload of ninjas.

"There's not too much blowing s--t up," he says. "It's a stand-alone piece that has nothing to do with anything in the whole franchise or in that universe."

"Every single film I've done so far, I've been the only person in the room who wants to make the movie. I'm kind of excited about doing a film where everyone wants to make it."

Not to mention those of us who want to see it.

(via Badass Digest)

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