Woman on 2-day bender claims to be Jack Sparrow and hijacks ferry

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

Well, it wasn't a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean flick, but there may have been rum involved. A UK woman has just been sentenced to four months in prison for hijacking a ferry during a two-day bender last year. And to cap off her act of piracy, she told everyone—"I'm Jack Sparrow!"

Alison Whelan, 51, was partying at a harbor near Devon, England in September 2011 when the party went a little too far. Drunk and apparently high on poisonous Nightshade, Whelan called paramedics and said she might be having a seizure.

When emergency personnel arrived, they found Whelan and her friend Tristam Locke aboard a moored 45-foot passenger ferry. Fearing that Whelan might be violent, the paramedics stayed off the vessel and waited for police to arrive and assist them. But Whelan had other plans. She untied the ferry, and it drifted out to sea. Witnesses reported she was screaming "I'm a pirate!" and "I'm Jack Sparrow!" as the ferry floated away. The ferry bumped several other boats in the harbor as it headed out, causing thousands of Pounds in damage.

Whelan and Locke's ship-stealing (sorry, commandeering; nautical term) adventure ended when authorities caught up to them about a mile out to sea. Whelan said she "would have ended up in St. Tropez" if they hadn't stopped her, though we doubt her navigational skills were quite that sharp.

In court yesterday, Whelan was sentenced to 122 days in prison for her stunt, on top of a 100 pound fine she was ordered to pay last year for assaulting an ambulance technician. Luckily, no one was hurt, but maybe next time someone needs to pull an Elizabeth Swann and burn Whelan's rum supply before she gets on a ship.

(Via Huffington Post)