Woman proves Princess Leia's famous hair buns were impossible

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Princess Leia has the most famous hair in sci-fi. (Most famous ... and probably the most-mocked, too. Admit it.) Whether she's sporting the Double Bun, the Bespin Dangly or the Relaxed Endor, Leia always aims to look her princessy best. But are these hairstyles possible to achieve in the real world? That is, without the help of the Force?

Jen Myers over at Skepchick dissects the plausability of Leia's dos. Just how does Leia's hair hold up when she's captured by Darth Vader, running the frozen corridors of the Rebel Base on Hoth, or lounging in Jabba's Palace? Are the physics of Leia's braids possible?

The verdicts:

The Buns: "These are completely implausible."

The Award Ceremony: "I'm skeptical, but I'll grant limited plausibility."

Hoth: "... busted."

Bespin: "... while the style is doable, I still question the execution."

Jabba's Palace: "Totally plausible."

Endor - braids: "... technically plausible, but suspect because of the complexity factor."

Endor - loose: "There's no possible way it could be braided from her own hair still on her head. I suppose it could be Ewok fur. Which is totally gross."

Check out Myers' detailed reasoning, and then tell us what you think. Is she right? Are there any women (or men, not that there's anything wrong with that) who've achieved a Princess Leia hairdo without the aid of a hot-glue gun?