The women behind the look of The Hunger Games films

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Mar 31, 2016


Most of us know that The Hunger Games films grossed billions globally and proved definitively that a female heroine can make a blockbuster film series, and that Katniss Everdeen turned Jennifer Lawrence into a mega-star. But what many don't know about the franchise is just how many women behind the scenes were responsible for its creative success. The films only exist because producer Nina Jacobson (American Crime Story) convinced novelist Suzanne Collins that her book's dark war themes would remain intact in the adaptation process. With that trust secured, Jacobson shepherded all four films into being.

Creatively, the aesthetic look of the films is so iconic now due in large part to the design input and execution of the looks, created by women artisans like costume designers Judianna Makovsky and Trish Summerville and makeup designer Ve Neill and key makeup artist Nikoletta Skarlatos. It's their work that interprets the vision of the directors into detailed frames so rich and interesting that the visuals alone establish the world of Panem for the audience.

Blastr Fangrrls recently sat down with multiple Academy Award winner Ve Neill and Nikoletta Skarlatos about their work on The Hunger Games films. They provide some insight into what it took to bring the whole world together with their practical skills at making human flesh their creative palettes. 

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