Women directors will helm every single episode of Jessica Jones Season 2

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Oct 26, 2016, 11:32 AM EDT (Updated)

By being the first Marvel series to follow a female superhero (sorry, Agent Carter didn’t have superpowers), Jessica Jones already broke a good bit of glass ceiling. But Season 2 looks to shatter a bit more.

Executive producer Melissa Rosenberg has revealed the entire second season of the hit Netflix series will be directed by female directors, which is an exceedingly rare feat for a television show. The first season averaged out to around 33 percent female directors, which is well above the average 18 percent of overall television episodes directed by women. But still, that’s a male-dominated field no matter how you slice it.

But with Season 2, Rosenberg seems to indicate they’re taking a concerted effort to bring in more women to tell Jessica’s story. It’s an inspiring creative approach, and much as Marvel brought in Cheo Hodari Coker to run Luke Cage, they seem to be giving Rosenberg a chance to give less-represented creators an opportunity to break into television and build a resume. Which is always a good thing.

Despite the progress, there's no doubt we still have a long way to go toward more equal representation. But with this move, along with the hire of Patty Jenkins to help Wonder Woman and news that Marvel is looking for a female director to tackle Captain Marvel, we’re at least moving in the right direction.

Season 2 of Jessica Jones is tentatively slated to start filming in November, with an expected air date of 2018.


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