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Women of esports: Lexi Jane, aka Alchemical Kitty

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Dec 15, 2018

In our continuing series on the women of esports, we spoke with Lexi Jane, aka Alchemical Kitty. Jane is a streamer based in California who has just partnered up with Kinguin Coaching, where she started as a beta tester. Jane is Kinguin's first female streamer. She gave SYFY FANGRRLS the rundown on her streaming experience, how she got into gaming, her thoughts on Overwatch's Ashe, and more!

How did you get into gaming?

I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember! I was always a competitive kid, but I was small, which kept me away from sports, so when I found gaming, I was hooked! I ended up trying soccer in high school but found my true calling when I discovered streaming!

Tell us about your experience in streaming. How did you start, and what have the highlights been for you?

I have been a streamer for a little over two and a half years. I just kind of realized one day that I already played video games basically every day, so why not try to make it a career? One of the biggest highlights would be my community. The people who take time out of their day to come hang out and support me on this crazy journey keep me motivated to keep on streaming!

How did the partnership with Kinguin come about?

I was a beta tester for Kinguin’s coaching program. I chose Fortnite for my coaching session because I had hardly any experience and thought it would be the most beneficial. I ended up learning a lot and actually enjoying the game for the first time! After the coaching, I figured it would end there, but we all got along so well I guess they thought I would be a good addition to the team! I couldn’t have been happier!

You’re their first female streamer. Can you talk about your experience as a woman in gaming and what you bring to the table?

I feel honored to be Kinguin’s first female streamer! It can be hard to make it in the gaming community as a woman. Once I realized that the people telling me I’m not good enough were the same people who did not want to see me succeed, it was much easier to ignore them and grow my community! A thick skin is a must-have in this business. I hope to set an example for other girl streamers. Work hard and you will get there! As for what I bring to the table, I would like to think I add a bubbly personality, good and bad jokes, fun gameplay, and a welcoming environment to the Kinguin stream team!

Tell us all about the stream you’re doing for Kinguin and what sort of coaching advice you’re giving out.

I stream on Fridays from 5-7/8pm PST, and I play a variety of games. We like to switch it up! I’m not going to be giving out any coaching advice on my stream because it would be terrible, but I will say this: Do the Kinguin coaching! It really does help! Even if you feel like you know the game inside and out, there is always more to learn!

You’re joining with AstroZero36. Are you two doing any teaming up?

Not so far, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it at all! I believe the time difference might be a bit of a challenge, but I think we could work it out!

You play Overwatch. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new character Ashe.

Oh gosh. I love her. She is like a mix of Widowmaker and McCree with a splash of Junkrat. Anyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot for McCree, so it was love at first sight! Can anyone say “future cosplay"?

Tell us about your gaming clan.

I am a part of a wonderful all-girl gaming clan called Queens of Gaming. We all support each other in gaming and streaming, and we have frequent game nights in almost any multiplayer game you can think of! The Queens are some of the most amazing women I have ever met, and a lot of them own their own businesses! We are a bunch of supportive ladies sticking together and kicking butt! We are also always accepting applications!

You sing on streams sometimes. How did that all come about?

About six months after I started streaming, I discovered the creative side of Twitch! I noticed a lot of drawing and painting streams but only one or two singing streams, so I thought I would grab my ukulele and try it out! I ended up having such a great time that I started doing it more regularly. Now my viewers expect it of me and get mad if I go a while without a singing stream!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how esports have changed since you started and what you think is coming in the future.

When I started gaming, esports didn’t exist. In 2014, I discovered League of Legends and became obsessed with the game and the League esports team Cloud9. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing esports explode! Not only has the evolution of esports garnered respect from those outside of the gaming community who believed that gaming was a waste of time, it has also allowed those of us who love gaming to open doors to new career paths that were never there before. In the future, I hope there will be an esports channel on live TV so I can sit on my couch and watch my favorite teams on the big screen!

You can check out Alchemical Kitty's Twitch stream right here. You can follow Kinguin on FacebookMixerTwitchYouTube, and Discord by clicking the links!

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