Women to watch: 11 trailblazing ladies who dominate sci-fi and fantasy

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Mar 7, 2014, 6:18 PM EST

Over the past decade, women have become a larger presence in geek culture. No matter the medium (film, TV, comics, etc.), they've proven that it's no longer just a boys' club. This Saturday (March 8) is International Women's Day -- a celebration of the economic, political and social contributions made by women worldwide. In honor of that, we're saluting 11 ladies who have made a mark in the sci-fi and fantasy genres.

These women have created their own paths and set a precedent for what's to come. Some started from the bottom and are now executives and bosses in their own right. Others took a more direct approach, creating opportunities where there were none. Regardless of the method, their work ethic and achievements deserve to be praised, and their power recognized.

Did we miss anyone? Who are the women in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror fields you'd like to salute? Let us know in the comments!