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Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins and AHS's Ryan Murphy throw shade over their similarly-titled projects

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Apr 13, 2019, 9:03 AM EDT (Updated)

Earlier this week, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy announced the title of the upcoming Evan Peters-free season of his anthology series, AHS: 1984.

The season itself will be an ode to Reagan-era slasher movies (arguably the best era for slasher movies). However, the title happens to bear a distinct resemblance to another upcoming '80s-set project, Wonder Woman 1984. This was not lost on anyone, and we all had a good laugh about it — including Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

Earlier today, Deadline noticed that Jenkins didn't waste an opportunity to throw a little shade in Murphy's direction by pointing out the similarities to him on Twitter.

"Wow, what a great title!!! Oh... wait a minute. Uh... Love, #WW1984," Jenkins tweeted to Murphy, which included Gal Gadot's tweet of one of the first images from the project last June.

Of course, neither Warner Bros. nor DC Comics owns the copyright on the most ominous-sounding year in the 1980s. In fact, its popularity was catapulted into such status by George Orwell's 1949 novel 1984. Which Murphy was quick to point out.

"Wow, what a great title!!! Oh... wait a minute. Uh... Love, #GeorgeOrwell's1984 ;)," Murphy tweeted in response.

Granted, it really does seem like Jenkins and Murphy were just having a little fun with one another; you can tell by the use of Murphy's wink emoji. Dead giveaway every time. And, really, no one's denying that the titles are similar, but let's be honest, there's more than enough 1984 to go around for everyone these days.

There's no official launch date for American Horror Story: 1984, but you can see its nominal counterpart when Wonder Woman 1984 takes over theaters June 5, 2020.

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