Wonder Woman 2 is the first film to adopt new anti-sexual harassment guidelines

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Jan 21, 2018, 2:11 PM EST

DC's Wonder Woman 2 is officially the first film to adopt the Producer's Guild of America's recently announced new sexual harassment guidelines in wake of ongoing accusations in Hollywood.

Over the last several months, accusations of sexual harassment have marred the entertainment industry encouraging reform and re-tooling of how the industry handles sexual harassment. Accusations have been lodged against many powerful producers including Brett Ratner, who was a producer on the first Wonder Woman film, a fact which stirred up controversy. Even Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot weighed in on the issue after false reports stated she would leave the franchise if Ratner's company remained attached. It turns out discussions of Ratner being removed from the film had been ongoing for weeks. The crew of Wonder Woman, including director Patty Jenkins (who is also directing the sequel), were already in talks to sever Ratner's ties to the film.

Now, months later they're taking another stand making Wonder Woman 2 the first official film to adopt the Producer's Guild of America's new sexual harassment policy according to Vanity Fair's Rebecca Keegan.

According to Variety, the new guidelines were recently ratified by the PGA's board of directors. The guidelines include anti-sexual harassment training before shooting begins and a variety of ways people can report harassment on set. In a statement about the guidelines, PGA presidents Gary Lucchesi and Lori McCreary noted the important role producers play on film sets.

"Producers possess authority both on and off the set, and can provide key leadership in creating and sustaining work environments that are built on mutual respect. Ultimately, prevention is the key to eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace. Through sufficient resources we can educate our members and their teams. Together we must model our commitment to a workplace free of harassment and encourage colleagues to do the same."

Wonder Woman is not only an inspiration to women and girls everywhere but the film made a huge impact last year as the first female-led superhero movie of our current era along and Jenkins' success as the director. It makes sense Wonder Woman 2 would also take a strong stance for the protection of women in the workplace. Hopefully, many more films will follow.

(via Screen Rant)