Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins breaks down that epic beach battle scene

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:40 AM EDT (Updated)

With the home-video release of Wonder Woman coming up, we've gotten our first look at one of the bonus features thanks to this exclusive clip courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

The clip is a behind-the-scenes look at Patty Jenkins directing that epic beach battle between the Amazons and the German soldiers, along with her explanation of why she shot the scene the way she did.

As Jenkins explains, "The beach battle was defined by one thing, which is Diana’s point of view” — in both the literal and figurative sense. Up until now, Diana has seen her fellow Amazons train and even battle, but real fights don't have rules and Jenkins wanted to highlight how Diana reacts to seeing her sisters fighting and dying in their full Amazonian glory.

The clip also includes Jenkins directing Gal Gadot and Chris Pine on a beach in Italy that's likely to remind you just how weird it is to see actors react to, well, nothing. Sometimes, even they find it awkward.

Ultimately, however, what stands out is the passion of everyone involved, and something tells me the bonus features for this film are going to be epic.

Wonder Woman will be available on digital Aug. 29, and on Blu-ray Sept. 19.

(via EW)