Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins responds to claim the film is a 'mess'

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Aug 15, 2016

Pretty much every installment in DC’s burgeoning shared universe has failed to find critical acclaim, and a recent rumbling indicates Wonder Woman will follow that trend. But director patty Jenkins is (literally) whipping out the Lasso of Truth for the haters.

In case you missed it, an open letter from an alleged former Warner Bros. employee (something that has not been confirmed, and some believe it could all be the snark of an upset fanboy) was published on Pajiba. It takes aim at most of the recent complaints about the creative direction of the DC universe, and drops a little note about the status of Wonder Woman (one of the buzziest films currently on the slate). To quote, the letter claims that film is “another mess.”

Well, Jenkins has chimed in about the reports, claiming they’re basically crap — and that all internal buzz about her film has been nothing but positive:

So, what’s the truth? Who knows, though all we have to judge right now is the positively epic SDCC trailer, so we’ll have to keep holding out hope Jenkins is on the right track here.

What do you think? Who’s right in the battle of open letter vs. Patty Jenkins?

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