Peer into the stunning spectacle of Wonder Woman in new VFX featurette

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Jun 12, 2017

Wonder Woman is a true triumph of seamless special effects, story streamlining, effective music and solid performances that audiences seem to be relishing as a return to good old-fashioned crowd-pleasing entertainment (if a bit too pedestrian and safe) from Hollywood.

Here's a revealing new look inside the visual magic from DC All Access, as Wonder Woman's VFX Producer Amber Kirsch unveils how her talented team manifested the massive set pieces such as the Amazon battle on Themyscira and Diana’s heroic attack against the Germans in “No Man’s Land."

Take a peek at the intricate process of bringing Wonder Woman to life with such vibrancy, and let us know your impressions of this superhero solo outing from director Patty Jenkins.

(Via Screenrant)

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