The Amazons slaughter soldiers in two new Wonder Woman clips

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May 30, 2017, 7:42 AM EDT (Updated)

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films held their LA premiere for Wonder Woman last night, with the cast and director attending the gala event. We're now just one week away from the first live-action Wonder Woman feature film, and anticipation for director Patty Jenkins' period superhero film is immeasurable. Even though this is still the same DC Cinematic Universe she's stomping around in, this Wonder Woman film feels as if it exists on a plane (not invisible) all its own, and I sincerely hope it has widespread appeal.

Cue the heroic horns and thundering drums and check out these latest clips showing Queen Hippolyta and Antiope charging into battle against the poor outmatched soldiers on the pristine beaches of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman powers into theaters on June 2.

(Via CBM)

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