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Wonder Woman gymnast Jordan Chiles vaults, flips, balances in full cosplay

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Aug 20, 2018, 4:44 PM EDT

While the USA Gymnastics Championships were dominated by Olympic star Simone Biles, one gymnast stood out from the crowd by flavoring her impressive feats with a healthy dose of nerdiness.

Cosplaying as Wonder Woman with a sparkling take on the costume featured in the character’s big screen debut from Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins, Jordan Chiles had her highest ranking event on the vault (second, behind Biles) - but her highest ranking attribute was definitely her choice of inspiration.

Just look at this majesty:

If Gadot wasn’t watching over the weekend to pick up a few pointers, I’m not sure why not. She's going to be in the '80s next, and who didn't have a spare vault lying around then? Chiles continued bringing her love of Wonder Woman to her floor routine, during which her costume and choice of music took from the film.

Take a listen:

As Chiles dances and flips, you can hear the telltale siren of cellist Tina Guo’s riff wailing over the thrumming beat. Is this No Man’s Land? And a better question: with the line between athlete and fan creator blurring, who needs men anyways? All Wonder Woman all the time, that’s the true Olympic dream.