Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth ride to open in Six Flags Sacramento

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May 18, 2017

Wonder Woman is finally getting her own wondrous ride! And nope, I’m not talking about her iconic Invisible Plane.

Six Flags has announced that everyone’s favorite badass Amazonian Princess will be getting a swinging pendulum ride called Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, set to open this year at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Sacramento, California.

Well, it was about darn time Six Flags gave Wonder Woman a fresh attraction, 'cause fellow Justice League members Batman and Superman (as well as Green Lantern and even the Joker) already have several rides to their names across the country. Of course, this coincides with the release of Diana’s first big screen solo adventure next month (June 2). But still, progress.

According to the promo video below, Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth will have the capacity to hold 40 thrill seeking mortals at a time, soar through the skies at 70 miles per hour, and drop about 15 stories several times over — which should offer riders an amazing sensation of weightlessness. But don’t take my word for it, have a look and let us know if you plan on heading to Sacramento for the new Wonder Woman ride.

(via CBR)

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