15 wonderfully wacky Wonder Woman items to spend your $$ on

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Jun 1, 2017

We're just a day away from Wonder Woman's official theatrical debut, and thanks to the near-universal positive early reviews, fan-ticipation is through the roof.

Nerd culture being what it is, it also means our hard-earned money is burning a hole in our collective pocket, and the only solution is to spend, spend, SPEND. Thankfully, DC Entertainment has unleashed a horde of Wonder Woman-themed merchandising to relieve fans of that burdensome cash. There is zero chance you will walk into any kind of store the next few months and not see WW swag.

While that is certainly good news for people who were concerned a few weeks ago about the seemingly slow launch of hype surrounding the Wonder Woman movie, there is something we want to point out: Princess Diana of Themyscira has been a global merchandising queen for decades. Thanks to the iconic 1970s Lynda Carter-starring TV series, Wonder Woman has fronted all kinds of licensing programs in multiple countries. Even while her own comic series was floundering here in the States during much of the '70s and the early '80s, she was a big seller for DC Comics and its merchandising partners overseas. That popularity led to incredibly diverse -- and sometimes downright goofy -- merchandise offerings.

We've collected some of our favorites here, ranging from the quirky and relatively affordable to some outright rarities that will cost you an absurd sum of money if you dare venture down that eBay rabbit hole. So take a gander and then hit the comments to tell us which Wonder Woman merch you hope to score this summer.

Wonder Woman Face & Eye Makeup Set

We'll start with a relative safe bit of swag -- makeup -- that should be a big hit. This makes so much sense from a marketing perspective, it makes one wonder why this hasn't happened sooner.

(See what I did there? Of course you did, because it was pathetically obvious.)

This affordable makeup set by Allegro features a five-piece brush set and a snazzy carrying case with the famous logo. Even the packaging is on point. A no-brainer licensing tie-in that I'm guessing will be a popular gift for young fans who want to practice their makeup skills. And right on cue: As I sit here writing this piece, my 6-year-old daughter is eyeing the pic and asking me for it. (available at Walgreens - prices vary)


Kids Wonder Woman Fragrance

Who doesn't want to smell like an Amazonian princess -- or a Super Friend?

Some of the fragrance from Marmol & Son's officially licensed perfume include Night Blooming Jasmine and Sweet Ozone. I have absolutely no idea what that means, and anyway, who cares? The real selling point of this fragrance is the incredible bottle design. It has a glorious image of WW on the front and a nameplate charm hanging around the bottle neck. I smell another hit with the Tweeners. (available at Hot Topic; $19.50)


Wonder Woman Comfy Throw

Every single person who buys this amazing fleece should be required to take the dog for a walk or go greet the mailman in it and have someone document it for Instagram. It's 48x71 and, according to the reviews on Amazon (which are amazing, BTW, go read them now!), very long. Considering DC has licensed other characters like Batman for these wearable blankets, one should consider ordering an assortment to make family game night truly super. (The Northwest Company; available at Amazon for $23.44)


Wonder Woman by Jim Lee Converse Sneakers

Now we start to dip our toes into the truly collectible waters of the Wonder Woman world. These Converse kicks were released in 2014 and feature WW as drawn by the one and only Jim Lee. As is typical with anything Lee adds his artwork to, it was an instant hit, and these sneakers (which, like most Converse, were available in unisex sizes) quickly disappeared off shelves. They're considered the rarest and most collectible of the Converse/DC sneakers. They're so hard to find in certain sizes, even the artist whose work adorns the sneakers had to hit the secondary market to find a pair of these sneaks for his wife! (true story). Happy hunting! (check eBay; prices vary, and common sizes like 7-9 typically sell for much more than others)


1970s Wonder Woman International Comics

The Lynda Carter TV series made Wonder Woman an international star and was an especially big hit in South American nations like Argentina.

Comics based on the TV show were quite popular (sometimes known as Mujer Invencible) and these comics are highly sought after by Wonder Woman collectors today. (avg. price between $35-$40 per issue; check eBay)


Wonder Woman Cake Pan Set (1978)

This item really takes the cake (I'm sorry, I just can't help myself).

This aluminum bake set by Wilton was released during the glory years of the television series. What really strikes me as odd is that the actual cake pan bears a closer resemblance to Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman than the artwork on the box! Despite being nearly 40 years old, you can still find unopened and unused versions of this item on eBay. Make sure it includes the plastic face to decorate the cake! (eBay; complete sets for around $29.99)


Wonder Woman Air Freshener

I used up my "smell like an Amazon" pun already, so I'll just point out how amazing it would be to have this Air Freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror in your car. Nothing beats New Super Hero Smell, and this freshener, a 2013 Australian item, is a real bargain. (eBay; less than $5)


Wonder Woman Vintage Chalkboard (1978)

OK, so technically, this is a Justice League of America chalkboard, but Wonder Woman is front and center and this is a list about WW, so this counts. It's another oldie but goodie from 1978, which apparently was some kind of a golden year for weird WW stuff.

I think I've only ever seen one of these show up on eBay, so if you see it come up for auction, don't sleep on it. Because I will take this sucker down. After all, who doesn't need a chalkboard at home? (eBay; last one sold for $99)


Wonder Woman Board Game (1967)

The oldest item on our list, this game dates back 50 years and reinforces the point we made earlier that Wonder Woman has been a formidable source of income for DC for a long time. Like many of the board games of the era, this one features stellar artwork showing Wonder Woman in action, with headshots of her fellow Justice Leaguers up top. Finding this game complete and in good condition is quite the challenge, but they're out there. An unused one sold at auction last year for nearly $800! (eBay, various auction houses; prices vary from $135-$776)


Wonder Woman Holiday Ornament (2009)

There are at least a dozen Wonder Woman Christmas tree ornaments to choose from, showing the character in her various incarnations over her 75-year history. But we're partial to this 2009 release from Hallmark because of the pose. I mean, she oozes elegance, grace and confidence here. Doesn't get much better than this. (Amazon; from $54.99)


Wonder Woman Tiara, Lasso and Bracelet Prop Set

DC Collectibles created this limited edition, life-size set of replica props for the uber-Wonder Woman fan. It features her most recognizable accessories (well, except for the Invisible Jet) in 1:1, highly detailed fashion. They're made from durable metal and resin and make for spectacular display pieces. These won't be available until the holiday season, but man, they're worth the wait. (Amazon; preorder for $350)


Super Friends Retro Action Figure Universe of Evil Wonder Woman

There are enough new Wonder Woman action figures, dolls, statues and figurines being released this year to fill about a dozen Halls of Justice. But we love this Mego-styled action figure from Figures Toy Company because it takes a deep dive into Wonder Woman lore. Remember the Super Friends episode where we met the evil doppelgangers from a parallel universe? This action figure is based on evil WW. A clever and different figure to add to the bookshelf. Oh, and if you need to jog your memory, here's a clip from said episode.


Wonder Woman Pink Metal Lunchbox

This is maybe the rarest item on the list. This lunchbox was released in Brazil in 1980, the peak of the metal lunchbox era. One reason it's so unique is that the main image wasn't used for any other merchandise. It was also part of a set that included a metal bowl and tray. Incredibly hard to find here in the States. (eBay; most recent one was sold for $500+)


Wonder Woman Hot Cycle

Remember the Big Wheels? Of course you do. But do you ever recall seeing this one? Hardcore WW collectors search high and low for a good condition version of this 1979 three-wheeler, usually coming up empty. Here's all you need to know about how rare this item is. The box -- just the box -- sold on eBay back in 2011 for $181! (eBay, if you're lucky)


Wonder Woman Trash Can

Brazil really does love Wonder Woman. Here's another South American find from 1979 that is getting harder and harder to locate. Check out the totally kitschy images of Wonder Woman pushing a little girl on a swing. Why they chose that to decorate a waste basket is anyone's guess. (eBay: recently sold for $722)


(special thanks to Wonder Woman Collector for the helping hand!)

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