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Wonder Woman's Gail Simone helps us track down the best new SDCC comics

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Aug 5, 2017, 9:28 PM EDT (Updated)

Whether you were a tireless attendee at last week's San Diego Comic-Con or simply sat and followed along on the sidelines with Syfy Wire's coverage, chances are you were inundated with a colorful smorgasbord of new comic book titles to sample and taste.

Enlisting the help of well-known creators like Supergirl's Steve Orlando and Wonder Woman's Gail Simone, we prowled Artists' Alley to get these comic book celebrities' enlightened opinions and tips on where some of the hottest new 'books could be gathered up.

Part of the attraction of a mega-convention like SDCC is discovering new and enticing comic titles you might not see anywhere else and helping to support upcoming writers and artists in their craft.

Take a deep breath and follow along on this whirlwind SDCC shopping spree we like to call Comic Book Roulette and see what sparkling gems we uncover!

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