Wonder Woman's Virginia Madsen wants same role in live action

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen, who voices Queen Hippolyta in the new feature-length direct-to-DVD animated film Wonder Woman, told SCI FI Wire at WonderCon in San Francisco over the weekend that she'd like to reprise her role in a live-action version of the story.

"I want to play Hippolyta in the live-action movie," Madsen said in an interview. "So I'm going to start campaigning for that part now. Could you imagine what my competition would be? Because everyone, so many actors, want to play that kind of thing, because it really would be so much fun to go to work every day, and, just as a female, to be able to play that kind of role, where you can kick butt and have awesome power. It's not that often that we find those kinds of roles. So I'd have pretty strong competition for this role if it becomes live action."

Madsen said that she grew up with Wonder Woman. "She was really the only [female] superhero," she said. "I mean, there was Wonder Woman and there was Barbie, and I certainly wasn't going to play with Barbie. I was so uninterested in her, and my mother was a feminist, so she thought Barbie was a negative influence. And now what's wonderful [is that] I have a 6-year-old stepdaughter, and she has many superheroes to choose from, and the female characters in video games. When my boy was growing up, he had the Powerpuff Girls as much as he had Dexter's Lab. He had Spider-Man and he had Lara Croft. He's growing up in a time when there's more equality."

Madsen also confessed a love for Greek mythology, which informs Wonder Woman. "I loved that story, and I thought it was fascinating," she said. "Because there was more going on in Greek mythology with gods and goddesses, not just gods. I liked that there was a mystical part of the Wonder Woman story. Now to be a grownup and to actually be a part of it and get to portray Hippolyta, it's come full circle, in a way."

Madsen admitted to being a fan of science fiction (one of her earliest film roles was in David Lynch's Dune. "Yes," she said. "I was a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy, the whole genre. I mean, I was an actress from day one. So if I was reading The Wizard of Oz, I lived in that world while I was reading it. And if I saw an old Boris Karloff horror film, I lived in that movie while I was watching it. When I first went to Hollywood, in one of my first films, I actually got to go into that genre and be a part of it. That was a dream come true." Wonder Woman drops on Tuesday.